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How to be an Effective Push-In Teacher
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Some advice for setting up your classroom!

First Year Teachers: A Guide to Setting Up Your Classroom

This is a very lengthy article and worth reading all of it! Even veteran teachers can get some good advice from here!
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She's been writing lots lately! Not just lots of articles but lots of words! Here are her latest:

Back to School: What to Do If Your Child is Labeled a Troublemaker
Substitute Teachers: What Not to Do
First Year Teachers: Ten First Day Activities
How to Throw an Old Fashioned Corn Roast - I can't wait for us to be able to do this!
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It's back to school time, and she's got advice for teachers and parents!

First-Year Teachers: Why You Need a Survival Drawer - Even if you're not a first-year teacher, this article has some good advice on why you should have a Survival Drawer. Think of it as something akin to a first aid kit or roadside emergency kit...

Back to School: Ten Reasons to Keep Your Children Home This Year - Yes, you read that right! One might think it contradictory to write articles for teachers and for unschoolers, but it's not. Jacqueline's intent is to improve circumstances for all children, whether in school or not.
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These are some great articles!

First a timely article on Lammas: Ten Ways to Celebrate Lughnassadh, a Pagan Harvest Festival

Then another article for teachers: Ten Quick Classroom Management Tips for Elementary School Teachers
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We've been very busy preparing for my very best friend and her family to stay for the weekend, but Jacqueline found some time to write!

Unassisted Home Birth: Pros and Cons
What is Conn Syndrome?
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Jacqueline posted an article on AC reviewing the diner we had lunch at a few weeks back. It wasn't fantastic food, but it was pretty good in my opinion. And you certainly got enough for the money paid...

Review: J.B.'s BBQ Chick N Chop in Fulton, New York
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Lesbian Sex: 10 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive
Lesbian Sex: Five Books to Improve Your Sex Life

Although they both are aimed at the lesbian community, these tips could also be applied to heterosexual and other relationship permutations, and who couldn't use a little improvement in their relationship!
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I suppose this article isn't too timely, as the SU students have gone home for the summer, but there will be a fresh batch coming in for summer classes and in the fall! Let the partying begin!

The Five Best Bars for Syracuse University Students
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Too bad she didn't get paid for this article; they said it was just a website review...

Use SocialSpark to Make Money with Your Blog
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This article was interesting to me as I didn't know a single thing about this!

Tomatis Listening Therapy: Hope for the Autistic Child
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This one she wrote in an effort to find information for a friend of our who has a Quaker parrot. It's such a cute little bird, but has been picking at her feathers and squawking loudly too early in the morning. I hope this is some help!

How to Keep a Quaker Parrot Quiet and Happy

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She'll be moving on to bunnies next!

Turkish Van Cats: Breed Profile
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Teaching Kindergarten - What Not to Do - "They are people, not your vision of ideal students. Let go of that ideal along with the small things, and you’ll all get along much better." The quote from the article is SOsososososo true!!! At ANY grade level, not just Kindergarten. I think more teachers really need to remember that.

European Burmese Cats: Breed Profile - pretty kitties!

LaPerm Cats: Breed Profile - I had never heard of these; omg they're cute! ^_^

Use Deep Mulch Gardening Technique to Eliminate Tilling and Weeding - I can't wait to try this!


Apr. 27th, 2008 06:12 pm
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I am so behind in posting these! Jacqueline's been so busy writing...

I broke them into groups of 2 or 3 with a similar topic area; hopefully it makes it easier to find things you're interested in...

Colorpoint Shorthair Cats: Breed Profile - this one reminds me a lot of my mom's cat... I wouldn't be surprized if the pet shop lied... :\
Egyptian Mau Cats: Breed Profile - And these remind me of my little TenKitty, but TenKitty doesn't have such lovely spots...
Havana Brown Cats: Breed Profile - Ooo... a kitty for the true chocolate connoisseur! Hehehe...

Ten Tips for Rabbit Owners - Excellent! She remembered everything I taught her... ^_^
Raising Free Range Chickens for Better Tasting Eggs and Meat - Why yes, we are considering it...
Beekeeping: The Advantages of Choosing the Top Bar Hive - Very interesting if you're considering beekeeping like we are!

The Advantages of Using Gardening Design Software - Designing your garden on the computer is sometimes easier than pencil & paper...
The Many Uses of Oswego Tea - We're hoping to grow some in our yard!

The Five Best Coffee Shops in Oswego, New York - Oh such lovely delicious places...
The Best Places to Fish in Oswego County, New York - For the fishing enthusiast who may be looking for some place new...
Review: Bombard Rustic Cabins in Saranac Lake, New York - Such wonderful memories of this place!

Kids Do Their Chores with the Ticket Method Reward System - Seriously! It works! I was impressed with how well!
Juno: Teen Pregnancy Discussion Opener for Parents - Such a good movie, I cannot recommend seeing this enough...
Bisexuality - Not Just a Phase - Living proof here...

Best Sites for Substitute Teacher Resources - A top ten list of sites chock full of tips for people like me! ^_^
Joint Compression, Brushing: Tactile Stimulation Technique for the Special Education Classroom - One of the classrooms I worked in used this method which was new to me...

Are Cold Medications Safe and Effective? - Short answer: safe, but not any more effective than plenty of fluids and rest.
Using Nutrition to Treat Fibromyalgia - Good nutrition works here too!
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A diverse group this time...

Is Indoor Formula Cat Food Better for Your Indoor Cat? - Short answer is no, not really...

Bombay Cats: Breed Profile - Another in her cat breed series...

Ten Films to Teach World War II in the Social Studies Classroom - Social Studies was never my favorite subject; perhaps if there had been more movies...

Ten Advantages to Being a Single Parent - bet no one mentioned the advantages; did they?!
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Some of my favorite foods!

Veggie Burger Guide: Comparing the Major Brands of Meatless Burgers

My very favorite of them all is Boca Burger's All American... Yum!
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More articles in Jacqueline's kitty series:

American Wirehair Cats: Breed Profile
American Bobtail Cats: Breed Profile
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I swear they publish these all on one day...

What is Hallermann's Syndrome?
Burmese Cats - A Breed Profile
Training Ravens

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