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We are still online! :D I took our cable box & remote to the cable office and had them turn off the cable and made a small payment. It's still not enough but it gave us a 10 day extention to pay. In the next few days I am going to call the schools I have applications in and ask about summer school, subbing, and positions for next year, and give them my cell phone number for a contact number, then have our phone shut off. That will save us another $50 a month.

Then we went up to flat rock and did some swimming. Ok so, I only got in as far as my breasts, but that's far enough when the water is as cold as it was! Everyone else got all the way in, but I am still a chicken $#!+... LOL! Then we laid about on the rocks for a while and relaxed...

Now we're about to cook a nice BBQ over the campfire: hot dogs and chicken, and Jacqueline is making tuna-macaroni salad, and we'll even have tossed salad, and ice cream for dessert! Yum! Yes indeed, life can be a wonderful thing! :D
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We're still here! But I still don't know for how long. When the laundry comes out of the dryer, we're heading up to Flat Rock to go swimming, and will be stopping to drop off our cable box (as planned before all this) and make a partial payment. Hopefully we can do some kind of payment arrangement because I want to at least keep the internet on, and I'd *really* like to keep our phone on too because we have a simple simple number... But who knows what they'll allow. Keep sending those positive vibes folks!

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