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Art vs. Craft: Is it an issue / non-issue and how do you feel about the argument?

First let me state that I didn't know there was any kind of a debate here. The only problems I've found is when asked to label my blog or art work: Is it art? Is it craft? I dunno... It is what it is.

However, when trying to define it, my first thought is that if your selling it or displaying it in a museum or art gallery, then it's art, but crafting is something you do with your kids; it brings to mind construction paper, white glue, tempera paints, and popsicle sticks. When discussing it with my 15 year old daughter, though, she brought up a good point: Art is personal - you do it for yourself - while a craft is something you do with other people as a group activity.

But what about all those *Craftsmen* I wonder... Furniture builders and architects, who don't really work with other people, still call what they do a craft. But I know a lot of scrapbookers who would take offense if you called what they did crafting.

After checking the internet for the definitions and to see what others are saying, I am even more confused. Art is usually defined as human efforts to reproduce the world around them according to aesthetic principles, while craft is usually the skill used to create the art. Some arguments say craft is closed-ended, cookie-cutter, follow-a-recipe type of creating, while art is open-ended, creative, do-what-you-want creating.

It's all very confusing to me, and I really don't think it matters, but what I do think is important is that the sites that want you to categorize your art/craft should clearly define what *they* mean by the terms, so when *I* want to list with them, I know which to choose!
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Created by OnePlusYou

Here's a peek at some of the things that will come in your package if you win:

Perfect for Easter!

The White Rabbit, with a touch of March Madness himself...

Remember you can have up to *3* entries! Here's how:
  1. Leave a comment on this post: http://bunnykissd.blogspot.com/2009/03/march-madness.html for one entry. (Don't forget your email or a link so I can contact you!)

  2. Post about my giveaway in your blog and leave me a link to it for a second entry.

  3. For yet another entry, add me to your Following list via Blogspot! (Just click on the link over to the left!)
You could win a small package of goodies from Faerie Garden Fancies, including the above, a spring art ATC not-yet-created, and perhaps a few other odds and ends, as the madness dictates...

You have until MIDNIGHT EST, March 31, 2009 to post your reply, and on April 1st, I will select one lucky winner!

So don't be an April Fool; get your entries in today, and spread the word!
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If the *Greenman* is made of leaves, wouldn't his colors change in the fall too?

That was what I was thinking when I made this piece:

My inspiration is my own front yard:

Available on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16495835
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She has been finished and is now up for sale on Etsy! ^_^

You can go see more of her as a work in progress at deviantArt...

Arty Issues

Oct. 5th, 2008 12:18 pm
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So I made this black cat bead when I made my mummy & ghost (and yes, there are plans for other monsters, but maybe not this Halloween), and he's been nothing but trouble. First you couldn't see the detail very well; so I had to figure out how to fix that. Then while inserting one of his earrings, his ear broke right off! >.<

tiny cat bead
But the ear!
tiny cat beadBut the ear!
Oh it's broke!
Whatever should I do?
Oh it's broke!Whatever should I do?

After a breif period of mourning (read: swearing, bitching & complaining), I decided I would make a little witch's hat for him. I thought it would be no trouble to make one from paper and seal like I did my corn. So I looked up a pattern, figured out a complicated formula to resize it, cut it out, and tried gluing it. It wouldn't stay glued; the curl was too tight. GAH!

ETA: No, gluing it back on wouldn't have worked because a small piece was missing when I tried...

So I attempted to make one from fabric. SUCCESS! Look at how cute! Of course, it doesn't sit right on the cat, and certainly doesn't look right. So, now what...???

Tiny witch's hat
with bottle cap for comparison
Tniy witch's hatwith bottle cap for comparison

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FINALLY! I have gotten the camera working, manage to get a bunch of pictures taken, and VOILA! I bring you Five Fantastic New Necklaces! And yes, there is still more to come! ^o^

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Harvest Corn Stalks

I spent all the time posting these to Etsy and it didn't save for some reason! ;.;;; And now I have to get ready to go run some errands quick and can't take the time to re-enter it all again! But if anyone is reading right now, and is interested in one or both, I was listing them for $1 each, $1 S&H, and I can add a pin back for free if you want. Also I'll be listing lots of five for $2.99 later (no pin back option though)... Aren't they just the cutest? Perfect for scrapping or topping cupcakes or on cards or in party favors...

Anyway, gotta run!
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Seven new fancies have arrived at Faerie Gardens ready to delight and enchant you! Two Asian-inspired decoupage brooches: one burning with the fiery energy of the sun, the other with the refreshing spirit of the sea, and a collection of shimmery, sparkly mermaids, flirty, spunky, and full of verve: vivacious redheads, saucy blondes, and the graceful Goddess Sedna, all ready to glimmer and glisten their way to you. Find them all at http://BunnyKissd.etsy.com! See you soon! ^_^

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Faerie Garden Fancies is now open for business!

As the wheel of the year turns, Faerie Gardens will provide you with flights of fancy to brighten your days. As we celebrate the summer solstice, the start of summer, proudly wear one of these pretty polymer clay pins...

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Lots of pics under here... )

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