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I've been dabbling in photography since before digital cameras were a thing, setting up miniature scenes and photographing them as if they were real, using 110 and 126 automatic cameras to try and get artistic shots... But it wasn't until I was blessed to receive a beautiful 35 mm SLR camera in my late 20s that I really started branching out and experimenting with the different lenses I could borrow from my father.

When digital came along, I was very resitant; the quality was not what it is today unless you got a high end (read: very expensive) camera. When my 35 mm SLR met with an untimely accident, I relented and began using a digital point & shoot. I loved that I could take a photo and see it right away on the screen, which meant I would know right away if I got the shot I was hoping for, and that I could shoot 20 or 30 photos at a time, way more than I ever could with a film camera! I would literally take 100s of photos a day sometimes.

I did a lot of learning, about my camera, about taking good photos, and about editing them with photo-editing software. I've gone through several digital cameras since that time (they seem to deteriorate faster than film cameras) and have not completely familiarized myself with the camera I have had since Spring, and now I am even learning a new photo-editing software! So I want to commit to practicing with both, but know that a 365-project would be a bit too much to handle at this point.

Thus the 52-Week Photo Challenge was born and I am hoping that you will join me on this journey to be a better photographer. Every Sunday, I will be posting a prompt here with my photo and I invite *you* to play with the prompt during the week, and then share your photo in the flickr group I will be opening up. (I'll post the link here on Sunday!) You don't have to edit your photo, you don't have to have a fancy camera, you just have to want to improve your photography and follow the prompt!

I hope to see you there!

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